3 Easy Ways I Beat the Terrible Twos

Virginia learned all about the “terrible twos” after living through them with her daughter Mika.

“Since she started walking, everything has to be out of her reach,” she said. “She’s broken my laptop and my cell phone. Everything has to be really cinched up and baby-proofed and out of her grasp.”

As Virginia’s honed her mommy reflexes to save her toddler from ultimate destruction, she’s been amazed at how something so young can be so fearless.

“The terrible twos are not a myth; they’re complete reality,” she said. “As they get older and start to walk and talk, they also learn to start running and back-talking.”

Here are some words of wisdom from Virginia to get you through the terrible twos:

1. Don’t overreact.

“I try not to squash her behavior too much. I know that it’s part of development. I keep telling myself that it’s a natural phase and kind of let her do what she wants to do, to some extent. If she wants to sit and bang on a pot, that’s fine. I can’t get hung up on that.”

2. Think outside the “blocks.”

“We had had all these wooden blocks for her. And she throws blocks, so it’s painful. Then I found foam blocks at the store, and it was like somebody had turned on the light. These things are the best. She can throw ’em all she wants, and they don’t hurt and break things.”

3. Keep your eyes open every day.

“You can read about the terrible twos in a book, but it’s not the same as going through it and living it. I mean, as a mother, as you go through it, it’s a learning experience every day. And I think that more than anything, just being there and being part of it is the way to experience it.”

Virginia was 34 when she entered motherhood, and she readily admits that even after waiting she still felt apprehensive and nervous. But now, living every day trying to keep curiosity from raining destruction upon her home, she feels settled in being a mom.

“Even the terrible twos certainly aren’t terrible. They’re just different,” she said. “It’s an awesome thing to be a parent. It’s just amazing. It’s different every day.”

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