From pregnant to parent

When Vanessa found out she was pregnant, it triggered a roller coaster of emotions for her.

The ride began on New Years Day. After taking a pregnancy test she said to her husband, “Happy New Year. Guess what’s going to be happening this year?” He was floored and very nervous as he started going through the list of “Can we afford this?” and “Should we be doing that?” As the idea grew on him, though, the fears and uncertainty turned to excitement.

Vanessa was looking forward to being pregnant and having a baby as well, but from time to time she would feel a real sense of anxiety over whether or not she was ready to become a mom.

“I was in denail about the whole giving birth thing,” she said.

Five days past her due date, Vanessa’s doctors decided it was time to induce. They gave her a planned epidural and killed time playing games and watching TV with her husband and best friend.

“It hardly felt like labor, and then it came time to start pushing,” she said. “That’s when the epidural starting wearing off — perfect timing. I pushed for a few hours, a part of a day. You can do anything for a part of a day.”

Vanessa considers herself to be a little bit of a Type-A organized person and worried that that she was going to try and have everything be rigid, but said it actually ended up being kind of natural for her to just go with the flow.

“Instead of getting anxious and worked up, it was better to just roll with it, to take cues from the baby,” Vanessa said. “My husband was a huge support in that, and we became a team. We didn’t worry too much about if we were doing this right or that right. If you just relax and go with it, it will go well.”

Take a second to check out these 10 tips to help you adjust to becoming a new mom or these other resources if you’re on a journey from pregnant to parent. Good luck!


A Virtual Doctor’s Office
You’re pediatrician has all the answers your co-pay can get you, but if you’re looking for some free peace of mind, ask an expert from the Pampers Parenting Institute.

Exceeding Your Expectations
At, get reassurance and information to make the next nine months a walk in the park.

Some Friendly Advice
Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris have been in various stages of pregnancy or new momdom for 5 years running. The two friends created a go-to site offering decent, open-minded and agenda-free advice at The New Mom.

Mommy Amusement
See what Capessa blogger and mother of three Erin Monroe does in her spare time at Finding Yourself.

Mommy Needs a Cocktail
Sip on the little moments with Kristen, mom to two and the rising queen of hilarious. With handmade accessories.

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