Full figured and FABULOUS!

You know how you go out looking for the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding or party and you search high and low and then FINALLY you find what you’re looking for?

Well, what if after all that you walked into a reception hall with your head held high, feeling like a million bucks, and there, right in front of you, is a woman wearing the exact same outfit?

For Jessica, that happened one too many times.

“As a plus-size woman the only place I had to shop was Lane Bryant, which is fine until all the plus-size women out there are wearing the same thing,” said Jessica.

Sick of all the limitations put on her wardrobe choices just because of her size, Jessica set out to create a fashion line that complemented her curves and made her stand out from the rest.

Jessica had been internally stewing on her clothing line for 11 years. After pulling 80-hour work weeks and climbing the corporate ladder, she decided that wasn’t emotionally satisfying or exciting to her anymore. A chat with her employer gave her the opportunity to scale back to part time while she pursued her designer dreams.

Jessica started Svoboda Style three years ago. Women write to her all the time telling her that she has helped them go out in public more often. Her line gives them the right outfit, and along with that, the right attitude.

“I absolutely believe in what I am doing right now,” she said. “It is a pretty amazing feeling to know that I have transformed other women’s lives by helping them feel confident when they go out on a date or do things that they really might have never done before.”

Jessica’s passion for fashion has allowed her to go from a gal with no clothing options to a trend-setting fashionista and entrepreneur. She’s able to finance her life through her own vision. She’s also found success on her own terms.

“Success does not always mean money,” she said. “Success to me is to live my life without having to make any considerations about money, to go and do whatever I want to do without having to worry about money. And to look cute while doing it.”

For an inside look on Jessica’s fashion sense, check out Svoboda Style and these other resouces.

Check in on Jessica at MySpace to leave her a message, get new updates, and catch her passion for fashion.

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