Simple style for moms on the go

Mom jeans. Mom hair. Mom no-nos.

For Kristine, having two kids was no excuse to go mommified. But being a mom left her without a lot of time for self maintenance, or those monthly trims to her pixie cut. She had to find a new hairstyle that matched her lifestyle.

Enter longer hair.

Besides requiring fewer trips to the salon, letting her hair grow out meant that she could pull it back whenever she needed to… because with babies come parks, play dates and spit up.

After her second pregnancy, it was time for phase two of her upkeep plan.  When she welcomed her daughter, her hair became more wiry, drier and really lost its luster. Next thing you know, grey started showing up.

“I met a wonderful hairstylist and she said, ‘You need to do something with your hair. Even though you’re staying home with your kids, you need to get some highlights,'” said Kristine.

Kristine had been so used to her brown hair that highlights made a huge impact. She was encouraged when people said things like, You look so great with blonde hair, it looks beautiful.

Hair color has become one of Kristine’s favorite mom maintenance tricks.

“When winter comes I like to go back to a cooler color, since in the winter my face lightens up and my skin gets paler and the blonde doesn’t look as good,” she said. “I spend a lot of time in the sun all summer long when I am off with my kids, so my hair gets blonde very easily in the summer.”

Kristine is happy that she’s found a stylist that listens to her and knows her hair.  Getting the right cut and having the right tools has “Let me have hair that matches my lifestyle.” Who doesn’t want that?

There is a very fine line that a woman walks between feeling like they have “mom hair” (i.e. lacking all “wow factor,” sex appeal, and well, just plain old sass). But something as simple as highlight and a new blowdryer can make you feel like a million bucks. So the question is… Do you have mom hair?

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