The mother of all single parent support

Being from the Midwest, Jodi was raised with the notion that marriage was supposed to be forever, so when the word “divorce” was uttered between she and her husband, it was like the death of a dream.

“In the old days, people would stay together for the kids, and these days they don’t,” she said. “When I got divorced, I had so many fears, and it was such an emotional roller coaster. I was afraid I would never find love again, that I wouldn’t make it on my own, or that I wasn’t strong enough to raise a boy by myself.”

Jodi’s son was five at the time of her divorce, and she decided to put all the energy she’d been giving to her marriage into raising her child. She knew that she had to make sure that he felt safe and that he knew he didn’t cause the divorce and was not responsible to fix it. She reached out to a therapist, and the she decided to reach out to other single parents.

“I needed advice on how I would juggle my life, a home life, homework, work and finances as a newly single person,” she said. “The first place I went was the internet, but I could hardly find anything.”

Frustrated at the lack of community for single parents, Jodi decided to take matters into her own hands. She came up with the idea for an internet resource for others like her… thanks to one of those unexpected moments of brilliance in the shower.

“I got out of the shower and bought the domain name, which has always been a phrase that kind of dictates how I live my life,” she said. “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade and share it with people.”

Jodi quickly became known as a single parenting expert through the network and support system she created. But as much as she was helping other parents, she was learning how to help her own son transition through the divorce and get used to visitation.

Perhaps the thing that helped Jodi come into her own as a single parent was learning to parent with confidence. She learned to be both the nurturer and the disciplinarian, she learned how to listen and how to dictate, and she also learned how capable she is as a human being and a parent.

Check out Making Lemonade, Jodi Seidler’s comprehensive support resource for single moms and dads.


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