How I beat my sugar addiction

“My favorite time of the year was right after the holidays, when all the candy was half-off,” Donna Confesses. She would stockpile all the sweets she could get her hands on and indulge in them until she got that good ol’ bellyache your mom warned you about.

For Donna, life was lollipops and sugar highs – until she turned 16 and the excessive sugar consumption caught up with her.After a dramatic period of weight gain, she started to get concerned.

“I realized that sugar’s a drug, and I’d been hooked for a long, long time,” she said.
Donna decided to lose the weight by cutting sugar out of her diet completely, but kicking her sugar habit wasn’t easy.

“It felt intense, like I was a druggie or something,” she said. “Soon, though, my head started feeling clearer. I had a lot more balance, and my mood was more stable. I felt a lot more aware and in touch. It’s hard to explain, but I just felt I was present for the first time and not on something. I guess that was the beginning step for me, realizing that it was altering my mind as well as my body.”

Although her mood improved and she began to feel more in touch with her body, she soon found out that all the sugar had done some serious damage.

“I got tested and it turned out that I had a really bad case of Candida,” she said. “Everybody has Candida, but I had a really bad case of systemic Candida, which means the balance of yeast in my body was way off.”

Donna was introduced to probiotics through a book called The Body Ecology Diet. She read up on probiotic foods and learned how to incorporate them into her diet.

“Good bacteria and yeast keeps your system strong and balanced,” she said. “I used to get sick and have colds all the time. Today, I can feel a cold coming on and I start taking all of my healthy foods and literally it’s gone the next day. I know there’s a definite correlation between what I’m eating and how I’m feeling.”

Donna’s favorite way to bring probiotics into her diet is through a coconut water kefir. The most common form of kefir is made with milk to create a yogurt drink, but Donna found that coconuts work just as well. She makes the drink herself by allowing the water from Thai coconuts to ferment with a kefir culture.

We at Capessa were able to try the kefir concoction, and after much discussion we agreed it kind of tastes like effervescent bread water, bread soda if you will. It’s not bad, but it’s not exactly delicious either. In the end though, you’re not eating probiotics for the taste but for the way it makes you feel… and we can vouch for its positive affect on your digestive system.

Coconut kefir is making it’s way into health food stores, you may want to pick up a bottle and give it a try. Your body will thank you! Or if you are even more adventurous, visit the body ecology website and get a kefir culture of your very own.


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