How Marcie Got Her Groove Back

81-2_marciec_166x115Marcie was sexually abused and treated as if she was good for nothing but sex at the age of 7–she didn’t even know what sex was. The three men responsible: her uncle, cousin by marriage, and her father’s best friend. It was clearly an abuse of power and it happened until she was 9 years old.

“I was in therapy for a short amount of time for the abuse, so I knew that children who are sexually abused go one of two ways: they have this intense fantasy life as far as sex goes and they’re afraid to bring it out into the world because then they’ll be a dirty little whore, or they act out on those fantasies and are very promiscuous.”

Naturally scared of becoming a “whore,” Marcie didn’t lose her virginity until she was almost 20 and then married the man she lost it to. But her marriage was miserable. She had to get out.

“I was a frigid wife, so our sexual relationship was not the best. I decided to leave him because I hadn’t experienced anything in my life, and I watched all my friends living it up while I was living in the suburbs with a young daughter and a husband that I was not attracted to.”

It was a huge turning point in her life, Marcie needed to do things her way. Perhaps they are slightly unconventional, but in order to get her sexual groove back, it was perfect.

From being afraid of who she was, playing the ‘mysterious’ card to keep from telling anyone about herself, to an honest, happy, and powerful women, it is clear that Marcie’s truly took back the power that was taken from her so long ago!

If you are a victim of domestic abuse, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for crisis intervention, safety information and referrals 24 hours a day—no matter where you are.


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