Love knows no boundaries — An International Adoption Story

Mary and Bill met on the school bus as teenagers and started their life’s journey from there. But when they set out to start family, things got difficult.

“I had my first Grand Mal seizure in the middle of teaching a class,” said Mary. “They took me to the hospital, and at first they said that it didn’t mean that I had epilepsy because anyone can have a seizure.”

The first seizure, however, was a sign of things to come. Mary had more and more attacks, averaging about three to five a month. Eventually doctors said she was eligible for brain surgery, and she was seizure-free for a year.

With her health in check, Mary decided to try to get pregnant. The stress of trying to conceive, having a miscarriage, and having surgery to try to conceive again caused her seizures to return.

“The one treatment that we were going with was Clomid, and you can only go through that so many times before you start to become at risk for cervical cancer,” Bill explained. “When we exhausted all those options, we started reading on what the next procedure would be, which was infertility treatments. At that point in time, we both said, ‘This is scary and probably not for us.'”

Seeing their baby girl for the first time through photos made both Bill and Mary fall in love. They were her parents, no matter what.

“They gave us a description of her personality and said she was slightly obstinate,” said Mary. “We thought, ‘She is going to be just like her mom.'”

The couple flew to China to complete their family, brimming with hope and happiness, but their first meeting wasn’t picture perfect. Their baby had no idea who they were, didn’t understand what was happening, and took some time to warm up to Mommy and Daddy.

Since coming home from China, Bill and Mary and their new little girl are just like any other family. Bill’s a doting dad, Mary’s a nurturing mom, and Anne is their little shadow.

“I am just so happy,” Mary said. “People in restaurants have been shocked because she squeals so loud with joy. They think she’s crying, and then they are floored to know she’s squealing with joy. She is just so happy. She has love, she has family, friends — my students at school went nuts when they saw her picture — she has so many people that love her. She is going to grow and be an incredible person.”

If you’re considering the adoption option, try, which helps infertile couples understand the process, the expectations and the experience of adopting a baby. Or dive into any of these great resources:

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