Coping with infertility

Sherri always knew she wanted to be a mother, but when she began trying to get pregnant, her body refused to cooperate. She felt the problem was a personal one, and because she kept it to herself, she opened herself up to a lot of unexpected judgment.

“The hardest thing through all of it was people’s attitudes,” she said.

Sherri herself had a very positive attitude about the whole thing, but she and her husband had no one to talk to about their ordeal. Adding to the stress was the fact that Sherri wasn’t working because just going to the doctor to be treated was a full time job.

“A lot of older women could be really cruel about the whole thing, saying things like, ‘My daughter has to work and she has children,’” Sherri said. “But they had no idea, no clue. They did not understand what was going on, and that taught me that no one ever really knows the whole story of someone’s journey.”

Sherri’s journey was a long one that included a lot of medical treatments. She had polycystic ovaries, and because of that she had a hormone problem. Her eggs couldn’t release, and she couldn’t get pregnant. She had to go through a lot of testing, and the different tests they put her through were physically and emotionally draining.

“It was a very trying time in my and my husband’s relationship, too,” Sherri said.

Her treatment also included getting shots with a three-inch needle – her husband would give them to her — everyday from her period until she ovulated. Then she would go to the doctor to see if she had some eggs that were ready to pop. The shots were pretty painful, but everything paid off when Sherri finally got pregnant.

“When I finally did get pregnant, I told them, ‘I have seen so many pictures of eggs, and I am going to see this baby!” she laughed.

Sherri credits her personal philosophy on life with helping her cope with her infertility.

As Sherri learned, you’re never alone in infertility. As more women have opened up about it, the burden of the experience has been lessened. Take a look at Julie’s blog A Little Pregnant if you’re feeling a little alienated and you’ll see what we mean.


Hopeful Mommy Support
INCIID is an organization that supports women and couples dealing with infertility with current information, alternative options and even an in vitro scholarship program.

Taking the Eastern Approach
Visit The Herbal Room for information on the use of acupuncture and herbs in aiding fertility.

The Adoption Option helps infertile couples decide if adoption is the right choice for them.

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