How to live together without killing each other

Cora and her boyfriend Tom had a great relationship, but she lived in Kentucky and he lived in Georgia. Every time Tom would visit, Cora would send a few things back with him.

“There was no way our relationship was going to work if we lived so far away,” she said. So Cora decided to move in with Tom. “I had half of my stuff in one place and half of my stuff in another place, but then I finally made the move. This is the first time I have ever lived with a man before.”

In a way, Cora was prepared for the difficulty: she had talked to some married women before she moved in with Tom. They told her that it wouldn’t be easy… and it wasn’t.

For instance: one morning Tom rolled over and said, “Cora I love you so much, but you have got to give me room to sleep on the bed.”

Cora loved Tom but the probationary period was tough.

To whet your appetite for researching co-habitation, read this article on moving in together.


Interplanetary Conflict
Source of advice and counsel from the author of the iconic “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

Cohabitation Nation
Read “Happily Un-Married,” a self-proclaimed fitness guide for people who live together—or are just thinking about it.

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