Turning My Mother’s Drug Problem into Something Positive

Nicolette’s mother was a strong, hard working, single mom until drugs took over her life. Eventually she became overwhelmed with the stress of providing for four children, and left the responsibility of raising the family to the 11-year-old Nicolette.

“There would be weeks at a time where she just wouldn’t show up. I would take care of my brothers and sisters, and even though it was an awkward environment and we were very poor, we were always really happy and loved each other.”

Even through the haze of drugs, the children knew they were important to their mother, and when her mom decided to give them up, believed she did it out of love. From this point on, Nicollette decided to use the difficulties from her childhood to shape her character rather than compromise it.

She turned to academics and music. “Every new day was something that I could make positive and that I could control.” And even as the ghost of her mother loomed, Nicolette accepted her past as a part of her present and stayed focused on building a future for herself. She found a way to be the person she wanted regardless of what was going on in her home life, thus breaking the cycle of addiction in one generation.

You be the change. As Nicolette gracefully demonstrates, change happens one person at a time. It happens through choosing to make something from what you are give, no matter what it is.

Grassroots efforts have claimed their turf as one of the most effective avenues of change today. At Grassroots.org, be linked to everything from suicide prevention to poison control and get the tools you need to make change.


Education is Power
The National Institute on Drug Abuse employs extensive scientific research to improve the areas of drug abuse prevention, education, treatment and policy.

Be the Anti-drug
Parents are the biggest influence a kid’s got. Educate your kids. Be the anti-drug.

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