Sweeten them up… with cupcakes!

Cupcakes have long been a source of birthday enjoyment for second graders, but in the last couple years, this simple treat has earned a top spot in the hearts of grownups as well.

Maybe it’s a nostalgia for declaring something entirely “mine” or maybe it’s how sophisticated flavors and decorations have become, but whatever it is, cupcakes are it. And Cupcakes Take the Cake is here to celebrate that.

“It’s fascinating the things I learn about cupcakes,” said Rachel Kramer Bussel, one of the three gals behind Cupcakes. “I’ve found bakeries in Kuwait and Dubai in the last couple of months. I barely even know where Dubai is, but it’s really cool that through the internet I can connect with these bakers and have something in common with them.”

Rachel, with her fellow cupcake connoisseurs Allison Bojarski and Nichelle Stephens, has also ventured off the web to connect with people. With meetups around the United States, the movement of people around this simple pleasure is quite incredible.

“Pretty much everyone has a good feeling about cupcakes,” said Rachel. “They’re just a happy food.”

If you want to see for yourself the delight that comes in this pint-sized dessert or share the happiness with someone else, check out the mail order cupcakes available for everyone, everywhere.


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