Should you be having sex?

Warning: women have fallen prey to male myths about sexuality.

“Men believe that there are a few groups of prostitutes, sex workers, and randy women who are servicing most of the baby boomers and gen-Xers, and then there are these other women who are virtuous and saving themselves for them,” said Wendy, whose 10 years in the trenches of dating and follow up research for her book The Boyfriend Test gave her a special insight into male mentality.

Since there’s no way very tired sex workers and loose girls from high school can take care of all those men, the sex double standard only exists in the male mind of fantasy.

“Women have to stop trying to be everything to everyone just because men believe them to be a certain way,” Wendy said. “We have to stop basing our sexual needs on what men think or want and instead decide what we want for ourselves.”

Here’s a quick test from Wendy to see if you should be having sex.

1. Are you experienced enough to have sex?

“Some studies show that those who have sex later in life for the first time have a higher rate of sexual dysfunction, as do those who have sex too early,” said Wendy. “What you’re looking for is peer to peer sex that begins somewhere in the late teens to early 20s that is followed up with consistent sex with a lover.”

You can also gain sexual experience by learning with yourself. Discover what you like and skills that work for you, and then you’ve got some sexual experience to share.

2. Are your sexual boundaries consistent?

“The universe offers a 24-hour radio man to man network, so you better stick to one ad campaign,” Wendy said. “Whoever you are, whether you want to be the bad girl or you want to be the virgin or you want to be something in between, you better own it, believe it, and behave that way. You’ll find a man who is your match.”

3. Do you know how to make sexual requests?

Sex is a really delicate subject, and it’s best not discussed during the sexual act.

“It’s something that should be talked about in the vegetable aisle,” Wendy said. “It’s something that should be talked about in the car when his eyes are fixed on the road. In the kindest, gentlest way, if there’s something that you want, he wants to hear about it.”

4. Do you understand male physiology?

While Wendy was in grad school, she had an assignment where she was supposed to examine a human penis–one attached to a live body — name all 16 parts.

“I didn’t even know there were 16 parts!” she said. “I didn’t even know what they did! But I do now, and I can tell you the frenulum is your friend.

5. Do you practice safer sex?

“There’s no such thing as safe sex, but there is such a thing as safe-er sex,” Wendy said . “If you use precaution, if you use barriers, if you’re very, very cautious about who your partner is, you can make sex a little bit safer.”

6. Do you practice emotionally safe sex?

There’s so much talk about plumbing when it comes to sexuality, but very little is said about the heart.

“Did you know that when women have an orgasm, their body releases oxytocin, which is the female bonding hormone?” Wendy said. “We’re wondering why we have separation anxiety and why he doesn’t call back after sex. Why doesn’t he feel the same way? He can’t feel that way; he doesn’t have the same hormonal reaction to sex that we do.”

For more of Wendy’s dating wisdom, take a look at her website, with lots more insight on how to find yourself a healthy, thriving, long-term relationship.


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  1. Hello,
    This is really an eye opener for every woman who go about like a dog. Sex is beautiful, great and scared it should just be with every Dick and Harry. Kudos

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