What everyone should know about interior design

Elizabeth, one of the Bravo’s “Top Design” contestants, believes that living in a well designed space will create abundance in your life–you are free to be.

In interior design, there aren’t many strict rules. But there are a couple of secrets to creating a space that will work for you:

1. Educate yourself about what you really like and how it makes you feel.

When I design for families or companies, I ask them what their identity is, a central idea that defines who they are. That way, we can work toward figuring out their preferences.

2. Figure out how the elements you like work with one another.

Anything you choose for a room is going to have an association with everything else in the room, if for no other reason than they are close in proximity. So, you have to ask yourself, how do these things dialogue with each other? How do they encompass the space? How do they respond to the architecture of the space? How do they respond to the outdoor of the space, the windows of the space? How do they correspond to the colors in the space?

3. Try to fully understand what the purpose of a room will be.

Think about who is going to spend time in that room, and the feeling that needs to be created there. If it’s a front office, you want it to be comfortable, neat and well-lit, because there will be people waiting there. If it’s a family room, you want it to be cozy, you want to give it a feeling of togetherness.

4. Invest in elements that will make you feel something when you enter the room.

Before embarking on a design, determine the two things you need the most—like necessity and comfort. To me, the broad strokes, the things you notice first, are very important. I almost would say that it’s more important to paint your room beautifully than it is to sit on something really nice because that color contributes to how you feel whenever you’re in that room. You can feel good in that space while sitting on floor pillows until you’re financially ready to buy a couch.

“Nowadays, we’re so bombarded with everything that we don’t give ourselves a chance to think.”

Most of us don’t have the luxury to consider our interiors, although we wish we did. “Nobody needs what I do to survive. But it’s good for you, it makes you a better, more harmonious and more abundant person—and to some degree, I think that’s a necessity.”

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