What mommy means

When you’re out and about and you see another mother, for whatever reason, there’s an instant connection. You know, that glimpse and half smile you give to a woman whose changing a diaper or that accidental buffer we form around pregnant women in crowds.

As different as our lives may be, and unique and special as our own children are, there is something about being a mommy that is almost cliche it’s so universal.

Only moms understand what mommy means and that to earn the privilege of the title means you’ve made the shift from selfish to willing to die for another human being without ever really considering it.


Mission Impossible
Give up on being mother of the year (they think you already are) and relish in your perfect flaws at Imperfect Parent.

Some Friendly Advice
Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris have been in various stages of pregnancy or new momdom for 5 years running. The two friends created a go-to site offering decent, open-minded and agenda-free advice at The New Mom.

Productive Parenting
From infants to young adults and everything tween, Parenting.org offers tips and advice to help your child be all you wish you could have been and all she is capable of.

A Lactation Education
Get news, product information, how-to videos and a hearty laugh from the women of Breastfeeding.com.

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