The decision to share the extraordinary stories of ordinary women just like you grew out of a conversation not unlike the ones had around a kitchen table.

People were talking, people were listening,  people were revealing parts of themselves, people were appreciating honesty and the absence of pretense, people were learning about each other, people were gaining understanding, and people were being inspired. Collectively, their experiences flooded the room with wisdom that each person took with them to their individual existences. The collective wisdom of women was born. A site called Capessa was created.

For three years, Capessa was a gathering place for real women to share their stories, offer their personal wisdom and practical advice, improve their lives and be inspired. It was a place where experiences were the common thread, where advice came from personal experiences. Capessa was you and women just like you.

Capessa was retired in 2009, but the wisdom shared by women was too inspiring to be boxed up and stuck in storage. Instead, it lives on as Real Women, Real Advice, and while it’s no longer updated, we hope it still helps whoever discovers it.

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