So I’m a “weirdo.” Who cares?!

When Jennifer got a job as a secretary, the first thing she had to do was go and buy work clothes… she hated it. Going to work was fine–it paid the bills and everybody was nice–but wearing those stuffy clothes was a real drag.

“I’ve always been a little odd, but I really fit in. I thought, ‘They think I am just so Corporate America.’ I had on grey suits and little pink tops underneath. But the secretary next to me started noticing I had this crazy array of colorful socks, the ones where all the toes are a different color or with glitter or little animals. You go to enough corporate happy hours and eventually your secret is out of the bag.”

The receptionist would go on vacation, and it would be Jennifer’s job to cover the phones. She would bring boxes of beads and cubes of resin to work. “I would be sitting there with the phone in my arm, like, “Thank you for calling. Who would you like to speak to?” with my pliers, putting together jewelry.”

“I got featured in a magazine, and within three days, I had so many orders I had to make a life decision. I could either keep my job or make my jewelry orders. I ended up saying, ‘Why am I a secretary? I might as well do something where I can be more me and express myself.’ That’s what I’ve done full time for the last four or five years.”

The way that Jenifer feels free to express her creativity is both refreshing and inspring! “I try to express how I am in my work, in the way I look, in my house. Otherwise I would feel like I wasn’t being true to myself.”

So where can you see more from Jennifer? The Naughty Secretary Club. And as her grandma said,”You got to let it out, or you’re going to get sick.” So go and be yourself!


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