How my simple haircut made a dramatic difference

Stella usually goes for the same ol’ haircut, but this time she was ready to try something completely different. She has a lot of parties and different events to go to this year, so she thought she’d get a new ‘do just in time to make all those long-lost friends and relatives ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over her bang-up job.

“I have always gone with the long layer cut, which I like and it works for me, it works for my lifestyle. But I thought I would just try something different for the holiday season and dressing up.”

Solution? Bangs!

Stella hasn’t had bangs for a really long time, but when they’re hot they’re hot. How could Heidi Klum and six-year olds all over the world be wrong? Stella was stressin’ before her appointment and ran around asking people, “Should I get bangs, should I not?” Looks like the word on the street was that she should definitely rock it, because she went ahead and had them snipped.

“I was trying to just fiddle with my hair to see if it would work or not in front of the mirror. My hairdresser talked me into it, and we decided to do it on one side to get the effect rather than going full blown. It makes my hair day a little bit more fun.”

(Who knew we could dedicate our entire day to hair? Maybe we should dedicate all sorts of days to makeup, outfits, shoes and jewelry, too.)

“Getting my hair done now, as an adult, I like it much better than when I was a teenager.”

Stella likes the big-girl life, paying for her own cut n’ color makes her feel special, like she’s giving herself an ice cream cone. She recommends finding a great stylist (one that you can trust not to slap you with a mullet if they feel like it) and then to stick with them. That way you’ll always be pumped for your next appointment and know that your hair will be looking fab.


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