How I lost 40lbs by… walking around!

Leigh struggled with her weight for all of her adult life. She tried diet shakes, counting calories, cleansing fasts… nothing worked.

Finally she realized it wasn’t her intake that mattered as much as it was her outlook.

She decided to concentrate on a lifestyle overhaul and began pairing healthy eating habits with simple exercise routines.

Knowing that big changes come by taking small steps, she first started taking her dogs for walks every day. The two labradors loved running around outside, and keeping up with them proved to be a great workout for Leigh.

Gradually fitness started becoming a priority for her and she headed to a gym to strength train.

“After the first day I could barely move,” she said. “But I just kept doing it. I lifted weights and did lunges and did free weights. I did all the things that you’re kind of intimidated to try, especially at a gym with sweaty guys everywhere, but the free weights were necessary for me to get in shape.”

When it came to cardio, Leigh also had to work her way up.

“My first experience on the treadmill I walked extremely slow, but at the time I thought it was pretty fast,” she said. “I then just bumped it up a little more every day, go a minute longer or a little faster each time.”

The rewards of taking it slow and adopting a long-term healthy lifestyle paid off in more ways than Leigh initially expected. She thought she’d be healthier, but she didn’t realize how much being fit would put her back in touch with her body. Her husband began to mark her progress by their hugs, noting that he could touch his wrists, then his elbows, when they embraced. Eventually she had to buy new clothes, shoes, and even have her ring resized.

Here are some tips that have helped Leigh transition and find a healthy balance for staying in shape.

Leigh began this journey by taking leisurely strolls with her dogs, but now, she feels no matter what path life leads her down, she’ll be able to keep up.

“My husband and I were going on a trip my mom happened to be in the the same airport at the same time, but she had about five minutes before she had to get back on the plane and she was in the other terminal,” she said. “We wanted to see each other because I wasn’t gonna see her for a few months, so I just took off running in my little sweats and tennis shoes. My husband couldn’t believe it because he didn’t think that he would ever see the day that I would just take off running. It was great to meet that way. She was really happy to see me running down the terminal.”

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How I lost my baby weight

Farrah struggled with obesity throughout adolescence, so when she got pregnant, the weight worries came flooding back. She had grown so accustomed to her routine before having a baby and she didn’t think she was going to be able to get back into it afterward.

With a degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness, nutrition and health, she started working with a personal trainer during the Tae-Bo craze, transitioning into personal training clients after college.

“I was still determined to do all the training I had been doing before I got pregnant, but altered,” she said. “I used lighter weights, I didn’t work as hard, I would watch my heart rate and make sure I didn’t go over 150.”

But when Farrah hit 8 months along, her fluid was low and she had to stop exercising. With an allowance of walking only two days a week for no more 20 minutes, she stopped looking at the scale at around the 60-pound gain mark.

After her delivery, she wanted to get back to exercising, but how? As any mom with a newborn knows, even getting a shower is nearly impossible.

“I started with running errands. I was scared to drive with her in the car, so I decided to walk wherever I needed to go,” Farrah said. “I’d take 15 minute walks to the post office or the park, and it evolved from there. I remembered the difference in how you feel when you’re exercising and when you’re not exercising. When you’re exercising, you want to get up, you want to do things, you’re motivated to eat well, you have more energy to play with your baby.”

Farrah had discovered a way to workout that didn’t require a nanny or time away from her baby. And thus, T.O.T. Fitness was born.

“You just have to figure out how you can take what you used to do and incorporate it into what you now need to or want to do,” Farrah said. “I wanted to lose weight, and now I had a new dumbbell. It was really that easy.”

Getting out of the house is one of the most important things for new moms to do. With T.O.T. Fitness, Farrah created a way to be around other moms who are going through some of the things that she went through or is going through and spend time with her new baby at the same time.

“It’s one small thing that moms can do for themselves, one small way they can take a step to being a healthier person,” she said.

If you are in the LA area, get connected with T.O.T. Fitness.

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