7 miscarriages and then… it’s a girl!

Nine years ago Christine began trying to have a child. For most people this is a fairly easy mission. For her, it wasn’t.

Christine had no trouble getting pregnant, and even after her first miscarriage she and her husband were still optimistic. Her doctor explained the many women miscarry during their first pregnancy.

After her second, third, fourth and fifth miscarriage though, Christine knew nature wasn’t going to give her the baby she dreamed of.

“I started to consider adoption, but my husband wanted to have a family of his own,” she said. “It was such a difficult point in our lives. I started to get very depressed, and I felt I had nowhere to turn.”

Christine was a director of human resources at a hotel, so even if she’d just had a miscarriage, her job was to be happy. In the morning she would have a cry in the car then wipe her tears, reapply her make-up and walk in as if nothing was going on. She didn’t share what was going on with anybody because it’s not something people talk about, she said.

Dealing with health insurance through the miscarriages was also very trying. Thankfully, somebody in her company’s HR department tipped her off that she wasn’t the only person at her company trying to get coverage for infertility. Christine went to that person and found they were both in similar situations.

“We became a huge source of support for each other,” she said.

Christine and her husband went through it all — artificial insemination, In Vitro — and time after time, they would get to the eight-week point and lose the baby.

After the seventh miscarriage the doctor sat them down and suggested they find alternative methods.

“My daughter is just a complete blessing,” Christine said. “Every day I look at her and I think about everything that I went through to get to this point and it doesn’t matter any more. She is everything I envisioned and more.”

As Christine learned from her own experience, more women than you can imagine struggle with infertility. To find the support you need, try INCIID, an organization that supports women and couples dealing with infertility with current information, alternative options and even an in vitro scholarship program.

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