Wife, Mother, Career Woman… HELP!

Antonella had it all-a successful career, two beautiful children, a loving husband-and it was wearing her out.

One of the biggest concerns for Antonella and her family was, of course, if they could financially afford for her to stay at home. She had been the main source of income for the family, and even though her husband was working, he had just started his job and lacked the same security she had.

Antonella and her husband decided to enlist the help of a financial planner in their decision making process. They decided how much money they wanted to save every month and talked to a lot of people to figure out how to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

“Now we are watchful,” she said. “We don’t stay in the best room in the hotel, and we don’t just go out and buy a new car because we feel like it. We look at our goals and stay on track. You can really save money this way.”

Antonella’s a full time mother and wife; still, that doesn’t mean she abandoned her career. Even after she left her job Antonella would call coworkers and visit the office, where she found that many people were surprised but supportive.

Until she re-enters the workforce, Antonella is enjoying doing the things that were impossible before.

“I’m there to clap for my kids. I’m there for the Christmas show. I taught my son how to ride his bike,” she said. “Some days, it is so beautiful I can no longer even imagine being in an office working.”

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