A makeup artist’s secrets to creating natural beauty

Take it from a girl who knows what she’s talking about, “the less makeup you wear, the more flawless you look

When Annie started working with actors and models for commercials, she discovered that not caking them with makeup made them looked better on film.

“Using too much makeup signals that you’ve got something to hide.”

Applying more makeup to a certain area, simply draws more attention to that zit or the bags under your eyes. If we just embrace the fact that we may have a blemish here or there or a few wrinkles and cover it gently,  we’ll all come out looking much more elegant and refined.

Makeup should enhance your features, that’s it.

It’s important to start with a clean, well-hydrated face. Use a gentle cleanser, and then moisturize—and don’t forget the sunscreen! After you finish that, you’re ready for make-up!

1. It’s ok to be a softy.
Lightly, using your finger, dab a little concealer under your eyes, on blemishes, on sunspots—whatever you really want to cover up. Remember, use only a little, you don’t want it to look like a mask.

2.  Just a little bit.
Dust powder lightly on your skin or use a liquid foundation. Regardless of what you do, make sure it’s a really sheer layer. Also, using a brush to apply powder or foundation will make it look more natural.

3.  Pink your cheeks.
With blush, always pick a natural shade that looks like you pinched your cheeks, something that’s closest to your natural blush. Either a cream and powder blush will do, just remember to, once again, go light on the amount you use.

4.  Pop them things.
Your eyes are the feature people look at the most, so play them up. Wear a little bit of eyeliner and mascara. Annie likes to concentrate a lot on the lashes, “Because that’s what is really going to open up your eyes and your face.” Then fill in your eyebrow to frame your face. She recommends, “If you’re blond, fill them in a little bit darker to give your face its natural frame.”

5.  It’s the balm.
Sticky sweet lip gloss is on its way out the door. Annie says, “I just want my lips to feel moist.” Throw some tinted lip balm powder in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day, and that’s it! You’re out the door.

The main thing to concentrate on is your skin, she says. If you have extra time pay special attention to what your skin looks like bare, this is your palette.

“Add an eye cream to your regimen,” Annie suggests. “The more you keep your eye area hydrated, the less it’ll age. Put it on after washing and moisturizing your face.”

There are all sorts of tricks and tips to minimize the things you don’t like, but more importantly, you should be embracing what it is you do like about your face.

“Every woman has something amazing about her face that she can enhance.”

Find out what that is and play it up. If you have great lips, pout those lips and put on some great lipstick. If you have high cheek bones show them off by sporting some shimmery blush.

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