Getting through My Mommy Meltdown

The morning of Leiah’s mommy meltdown was much like all the other mornings she’d had since giving birth to her son Ben. She was going on several short bursts of sleep and wondering when it’d be possible to take a shower. But for some reason, that day it all seemed like way too much.

“Having the mommy meltdown really put things in perspective for me,” Leiah says now. “Just because you become a mom, you don’t become a super hero and you don’t get magic powers. You can’t deny that you are only capable of only doing so much. I had to modify my life and really get into a routine.”

leiahbenLeiah said that since Ben was born, she’s been on “mommy time”, living her days go in two- or three-hour increments, depending on when Ben eats. This also includes getting sleep in chunks instead of getting a full night’s rest.

“Luckily my child allowed me to be able to get on a routine where I could sleep between his feedings at night, and then I’d get up around noon and eat something while he is asleep,” she said. “From noon until eight or nine at night, I function like a normal person.”

She and Ben’s father Matt are working on creating a schedule now that allows her to feed Ben and pump milk through the day. Matt will take over the evening feedings so that Leiah can sleep, then she’ll feed him through the night.

Taking care of yourself is essential to being a good mother, Leiah explained. Although at times putting yourself first can feel selfish, she said, it’s all a part of motherhood.


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