The best parenting advice I ever got

When Kate started her family seven years ago, she was as nervous and insecure as any new mom would be.

She wasn’t sure about feedings or playtime or discipline or keeping her job, but finally, a friend stepped in with some advice that stopped her panic spiral dead in its tracks.

Kate settled into that way of thinking, and she and her husband decided to live their lives as parents accordingly.

“We have lived by that, and we have happy, well adjusted children because of that,” she said. “We didn’t tiptoe around the baby or readjust our life terribly.

“You can freak out when you have a new baby at home and all of a sudden shut down. We have had friends who do that, and then they get themselves caught in a trap and never get to leave the house. They live around this being, and the being gets frustrated because the parents are frustrated, and then it snowballs. By adapting our children to our lives, we’re all happier and better adjusted. Madeleine travels the world — she can go anywhere — and our 10-month-old son is the same way.”

Instead of giving up the things she loved, Kate brought her children into her life. Now, as the mother of two beautiful kids, she’s committed to rolling with the punches.

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