Real Women, Real Beauty Insights

Did you learn how to look your best by watching your mom get ready or by reading magazines? What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever heard?

Watch as we ask real women for their best beauty secrets.


Face Value
We love the Campaign for Real Beauty that Dove is doing. The latest video, Onslaught, shows just how much the beauty industry warps our minds.

Picture Perfect?
Did we mention that we love the Campaign for Real Beauty? The video Evolution started a beauty revolution that we hope transcends our generation and reaches young girls before they get that first feeling of not being good enough.

Score One for Self-Esteem
Take the Discovery Health self-esteem test to see how you really feel about yourself. And then give yourself a big, fat hug from us!

Beauty’s Only Skin Deep
Find ways to build your self esteem and be more confident at any age with these easy, practical tips from