How to have style that suits your shape

For better or for worse, Trisha’s parents always let her pick out her own outfits. She remembers most of her worst fashion moments happened in elementary school.

“I remember the first day of fourth grade—in the ‘80s, the skin-tight leggings, oversized T-shirts—and that T-shirt clip, of course,” she says. “Eventually, I grew out of the ‘80s. Thank goodness!”

She might’ve grown out of the ‘80s, but Trisha has never lost her love for fashion. In college she studied business during the day and fashion at night. She learned everything from pattern draping to sketching to collection development, and after graduation she works as a designer for a short time.

Wanting to merge her business savvy with her fashion sense, she started a style web site called, with the tagline of “Style for All.” It’s inspired largely by the fashion challenges faced by women of different shapes and sizes.

“My goal is to make style accessible to everybody, regardless of age, income or personal architecture,” she says.

At Omiru, visitors are able to ask specific fashion questions as well as start up dialogue with the Omiru community.

“It’s great that everybody has something to add, and two or three heads are always better than one!” Trisha says.

For Trisha, discovering how fashion works involves trial and error. It is not something you’re born with and it gets better over time. Her learning process started in elementary school and continues to this day. Along the way she tried out a lot of different styles and encourages everyone to do the same.

Here are few of Trisha’s tips for finding great style.

The most common problems Trisha sees on Omiru have to do with finding clothes that flatter a person’s figure. Trisha often finds people who say, “I’m short-waisted,” or “I have big arms,” or “I am looking for something to fit my tummy.”

Check out Trisha’s 4 must-have tops that every woman should own.

So remember these quick tips when stocking up on your must-have tops!

1. Tailored Shirt. A must for work wardrobes, note the sleeve length.

2. Patterned Shirt. Hides a multitude of sins!

3. Knit Shirt. Versitle and afordable!

4. Sweater. Work both for work and weekend, note the color.

Hungry for more fashion wisdom? Here’s Trisha’s advice for getting to the bottom — literally — of your wardrobe essentials.

1. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

There are a lot of jean styles out there. Recently, skinny jeans have been very popular, as well as wide-leg jeans. Trisha’s advice is don’t follow the trends, just know what works for you. If you want to wear skinny jeans, know that it’s really tough to get away with, unless you’re shaped like a model.

“If you’re anything like me — a regular person — a straight leg or bootleg cut will be the most flattering,” she says. “Wide-leg jeans also tend to be flattering, and what I love to do with them is wear sort of a fitted top over wide-leg pants for a small-over-big look.”

Trisha suggests taking a look at to find which jeans will suit your body type.

2. The Tailored Pant

The idea with tailored pants is that you want pants that drape really well, so make sure to look at the fabric and try them on. Trying them on is the most important thing with tailored pants because there’s no other way to know how they’ll fit your figure.

There’s some controversy over whether you should get flat-front pants versus pleated pants. In general, flat-front pants are going be more figure flattering. Pleated pants have their place, too, but generally it’s more an Italian sort of style, and it works best if you’re an older Italian gentleman. Basically, I don’t recommend them!

3. Skirts

What I love about skirts is that they’re so easy to fit, so they’re a lot easier to shop for than pants, and especially jeans. Pencil skirts, in general, are great for creating curves, and if you’re boyishly shaped and don’t have hips or a waistline, pencil skirts are the way to go. On the other hand, if you do have hips, I’d recommend a nice A-line shape so it’ll veer out slightly at the hip line. It’s generally most figure flattering.

Check out these other resources for more tips to flatter your figure.


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How a trainer helped me get fit… FINALLY

“People around me said—you can’t audition looking like that.”

When Traci got cast in the role of the ‘best friend’ at her first NYC audition, she took an honest look at herself.

“Regardless of my talent, regardless of whether I was the best fit for the role, I knew that it had something to do with, or I felt, that it had something to do with my weight,” Traci said.

“And that sort of propelled me into thinking about my weight and looking at myself realistically saying, what am I doing? Why am I here?”

Traci began working out with a trainer, who gave her the tools, taught her how to eat for weight loss and exercise properly. More than anything, Donna taught Traci to believe that what she wanted for herself was possible.

“My two-day-a-week workout turned into three, then four, then turned into me cutting back on certain foods like bread, rice and sugar,” she said. “I started eating tons of fruit and vegetables, and I noticed that I felt better. I came out of that depression-like state I had when I first went to New York. Within five months, my body was completely transformed.”

Traci had been overweight her whole life. She wasn’t used to being thin, and her body resisted every pound she lost. It took her about 7 months of commitment and discipline to shed 20 pounds.

Finally being able to experience what losing weight felt like, understand how to do it was a huge learning experience for Traci.

“I learned how to eat and how to keep challenging myself in new ways,” she said. “I learned how to express myself in new ways, both physically and emotionally.

“Working with Donna allowed me to stand in a different way, walk into a bar in a different way and order from a menu in a different way. I finally feel comfortable and confident with myself.”

Fitness trainers are popular and they get results, but making a good match takes effort. Check out this article for some tips on not just why you need one, but how to find the right one.


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