Growing your family in a small space

Shortly after her son was born, Kristen made a big move to a big city—and she’s loving every minute of it.

“We moved into a studio apartment in New York City when our baby was a month old,” Kristen said. “I thought raising a baby in a new city would get lonely, but he’s now ten months, starting to walk, and we are loving life.”

Kristen said her initial concerns about loneliness came from hearing so many stories about new moms getting depressed just after giving birth.

“I think it’s partly because they are alone a lot,” she said. “You bring home this baby. It’s just you and your husband, and maybe your husband’s working.”

“My mother-in-law’s a shopper, and while she was still here, we went shopping a lot. It was great practice for getting out on my own with him,” she said. “After she left, I would take him shopping in the city, laying him on a blanket in the dressing rooms as I tried on clothes, and then I would go eat lunch by myself with him.”

One major adjustment Kristen had to make was living in a small space.

“Since we’re in a studio, he’s always right next to me,” she said. On the one hand, she said, living in a small space has limited her son in ways that other babies might not be, such as not having a lot of toys and extra things.

“With your first child, you want him to have everything, but we only have space for the basics,” she explained. “We’ve done our best to fit in things that other babies have—a full-sized crib, a walker and lots of small toys.”

On the other hand, Kristen’s found she doesn’t have to do the same kind of baby-proofing that’s necessary in a house. She put in protectors for the plugs, and latches, and locks for the cabinets, but said she hasn’t had to do much more than that.

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